6 thói quen giúp mẹ biết cách chăm sóc trẻ 3-4 tháng tuổi nhàn tênh


When your baby passes the 3-month mark, it is also when he becomes more resilient and shows more interest in interacting with people. Mother is the closest person to love and take care of the baby. So the mother began to wonder how to best care for and support her baby’s development?

There are habits that, when becoming a part of daily life, will help a mother take care of her baby so scientifically and naturally that it’s been a long time since her mother seems to have heard her cry anymore. Read on to know how to take care of your 3-4 month old baby naturally!

3-month-olds can already grasp mealtimes and bedtimes and are more aware of their basic needs such as eating, sleeping, playing, poo and pee (poop and pee).

When these needs are met, you’ll find your baby happy, healthy, and adorable. On the contrary, the baby will be cranky, upset and the parents are tired!

For example, your baby may need to eat a little more than the average recommended amount. People warn that too much breastfeeding will cause “dilation of the stomach”, and mothers withhold their child’s food intake, making it difficult for the baby to sleep and leading to many other “consequences”.

Or a 3-month-old baby has the ability to accumulate energy to sleep through the night, the mother is afraid that the baby will be hungry but finds ways to wake her up to eat. Babies lose sleep, sleep is not enough and not deep, so growth hormone cannot be fully secreted.

The baby’s needs are always the guideline for the mother to take the best care of her baby!

The secret to knowing these needs is to establish a consistent and stable routine for your baby. Children 3-4 months old can follow the EASY 4 routine with 4-5 meals a day, 4 hours apart each time.

EASY for 4 months helps your baby always feel safe and comfortable

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At this stage crying is still the primary way for the baby to communicate with the mother. When I convey my wishes, I hope that you will understand and be helped.

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Babies 3-4 months old can express different nuances in crying more clearly. With just a little more attention, you’ll know if your baby is hungry, has a wet diaper, or is just bored.

Besides, when a 4-month-old baby cries before going to sleep, many mothers wonder if they comfort their baby too much, they will forget and think that if they let the baby cry for a while, the baby will stop himself. This is completely wrong.

Even in the self-guided methods of sleeping, the waiting time for each cry will be only 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes… is the time the mother creates conditions for the baby to manage on his own. After this waiting time, the mother will come in and support the baby.

Moreover, the mother only guides herself to sleep when she has OR has a stable EASY routine, suitable for the week of age.

If you haven’t established an Easy schedule to help your baby’s sleepiness threshold – put him to sleep on his own, don’t expect him to be able to fall asleep on his own. And absolutely should not use the standby button, because even if you use it, you will not be able to sleep on your own if you do not have a stable and suitable lifestyle.

In other cases, other than self-sleep instruction or self-sleep instruction, when the baby cries at 3 to 4 months, the mother should care, ask questions about the baby, and meet the appropriate needs.

Because if your baby cries, he will begin to feel unsafe and may cry more until he is too tired. Sometimes a baby just wants to be held by its mother, and that’s a perfectly legitimate need, isn’t it?

Sometimes babies just want to be cuddled by their mother

Babies at this stage begin to enjoy exploring their limbs and especially their hands. Babies understand that they can control their hands.

So he will reach for anything he can and put it in his mouth. Mothers need to make a habit of not keeping sharp objects or small details near the baby’s area.

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In addition, the baby has the ability to control the muscles of the head and neck quite well. Most babies 3 to 4 months old already know how to turn over. Baby can flip whenever he wants and even in his sleep. When the baby is at this age, the mother needs to pay more attention to sleep safety.

Besides, when placing the baby to change diapers, the mother should pay attention to place the baby on the floor or a place with a spacious surface, avoid placing the baby in the bed. Mothers also need to prepare the necessary items to avoid leaving the baby alone while the mother struggles to find things.

Many studies show that if parents often talk, when bamboo grows up, it will be more sensitive in social communication, have higher IQ and EQ and also grasp vocabulary faster.

Talk to your baby whenever you can. There are many natural and effective ways to talk to a 4-month-old baby. The mother describes what she is doing with the baby, such as changing diapers or giving a massage.

You can also talk quietly to your baby before bed, about anything like the family’s plans for the upcoming weekend, or your busy day. Even though the baby does not fully understand what the mother is saying, he can completely feel the tone, the emotion in the voice and the love that the mother conveys to the child.

After about 12 weeks, babies tend to stay awake more than before. You will find your baby moves more flexibly and seems to want to interact more with you. How do you begin to learn how to teach a 4-month-old child to be intelligent?

Babies can grow up in their sleep, but waking hours are the time when they feel, explore and learn everything about the world around them. While your 3-4 month old baby still sleeps most of the day, take advantage of the waking time to provide your baby with the environment and materials it needs for optimal development.

Mother and baby reading picture books

Every day, you should arrange time to play with your baby as much as possible as well as plan activities suitable for your baby’s age.

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You can prepare your 3-4 month old baby with a special book made from a variety of fabrics or collect familiar and safe items in the home for your baby to touch, nibble and feel. .

You can also read a picture book for your baby to listen to and look at, or listen to one of your favorite songs and sing along.

In addition, if the weather allows, you should let your baby go out for a walk, admire the scenery, trees, and roads as much as possible!

All of these activities also help build a very personal bond of trust and affection between mother and baby.

Newborn babies will have sunny mornings, rainy afternoons, fever, crying and many other unwanted situations.

Especially 3-4 months old is also the period of wonder week 12 happens. It will be difficult for the mother to avoid feeling pressured and tired. Please calm down and be patient with your baby! After the rain, it’s sunny again, everything that happens is an opportunity for children to learn and grow.

Besides, from time to time, you may have to hear criticism about your child being “whistle”, your child being underweight, or not being able to raise your child… Don’t worry, just enjoy the feeling of being a mother and always remember that you are the mother. the only person and the best mother to your child in every situation.

In addition, for children 3-4 months is still a good time to help them sleep through the night 11-12 hours, mothers rest 7-8 hours/night with POH Easy (0-1 years old). You can refer!

At POH Easy, mothers will be updated with the latest scientific knowledge according to each month of their baby’s age such as how to take care of a 3-month-old baby, how to take care of a 4-month-old baby or nutrition for a 4-month-old baby…

Mothers are also given 1:1 advice on how to build a schedule of activities for a 4-month-old baby in a personalized way to suit your baby. Thanks to that, the problem of sleeping training for a 4-month-old baby also becomes natural and easy.

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