Kinh nghiệm chọn mua dụng cụ ăn dặm cho bé cái nào nên mua cái nào không?


You are raising a small child and are worried about choosing to buy baby feeding tools What is needed to give your baby the best start? You can refer to sharing these Necessary tools for baby weaning below for more suitable, complete and most economical options.

I’m taking care of my second baby, she’s 5.5 months old and I’m also preparing for her to eat solid foods. With the experience of taking care of the first baby, I will share my own practical experience in choosing weaning processor or weaning kits to help you be less confused.

Experience in choosing full and economical weaning tools

Weaning is a process of growing up children and is started when the baby is 6 months or older. To help weaning is no longer a battle, mothers need to know how to make baby’s meals lively, attractive and delicious and nutritious. However, for many mothers who are having their first baby amidst a lot of information, they are confused and do not know what to buy What weaning tools are needed?t, having a mother buys too much but the baby can’t use it, so it’s a waste. Therefore, I would like to list the utensils and tools that every mother should buy before her baby enters the age of weaning

Spoons, Spoons of indispensable baby feeding utensils

Spoon and spoon are Necessary tools when weaning to help mothers feed their babies more easily and conveniently. There are many mothers who take advantage of old spoons and spoons available at home, but according to my understanding, sharing spoons and spoons with adults can cause infection of some diseases, notably intestinal HP bacteria. cause.

Mothers can choose spoons that are made of flexible silicone material and have a moderate size to avoid hurting the baby’s tongue and gums. For my baby, I also choose a spoon decorated with funny shapes and bright colors to stimulate the baby.


Silicone baby spoon helps protect baby’s gums


Baby weaning tools – Colorful weaning dishes

Market weaning dishes There are many different types, with the main material being porcelain, plastic, stainless steel… But in my experience, I should choose a BPA-free plastic bowl that is both light, safe and not afraid of falling. Or moms who are more picky can choose to add stainless steel insulated bowls as well.

One more factor, mothers should choose bowls with funny animal shapes to help children more interested. Mom can also buy two more to change for the baby.


Animal shaped bowls help stimulate baby’s appetite

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Bibs weaning tools indispensable weaning tools for babies

Bibs weaning tools for babies are most necessary, especially for young children who are not yet aware of eating neatly. Bibs will help the baby not to get dirty, smeared when food is spilled.

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The market now has cloth bibs, plastic bibs or plastic bibs… However, because the baby just started to eat solids is still quite small, I still prefer to choose soft cotton bibs that are not afraid of harming the baby’s skin. .

For older babies, mothers can choose silicone and plastic bibs that are both easy to clean and not afraid to absorb the cold.


Fabric bibs for babies


Weaning chair helps practice good weaning habits

Highchairs are essential for babies to sit and eat solids. The dining chair helps the baby to practice on his own, focus on eating and take it more seriously during the eating process. From there, help children form eating habits and good for their digestive system. The high chair is a convenient product that can be taken out and about. There are three main types of booster seats on the market:

Wooden chairs have the advantage of being stable, not falling and can be adjusted because there are 3 or 4 levels of adjustment. However, the price for wood material is quite expensive, so mothers can consider when buying this wooden baby food tool.

Plastic chairs have the advantage of being light, easy to fold, clean, and the front dining table can be easily disassembled. However, its disadvantage is the limited height, so if the mother wants the baby to be able to sit at the same family meal as the dining table, this chair should not be chosen. Mom can choose two famous brands like AB or Mastel.

Multi-function vibrating chair: This is a type of chair that many mothers use when their baby is just learning to eat, the back and neck are not stable, so eat in a lying position. Mothers can take advantage of this vibrating chair to let their baby lie down to play and sleep because of the slight vibration and also attach colorful animals to help the baby more interested.

Each type has its own advantages, so please consider the needs of use as well as the suitability for your baby to choose the best product.


The high chair helps your baby focus on eating and become more independent.


Multi-compartment feeding tray for baby’s favorite weaning tools

The baby’s diet requires enough nutrients to meet the needs of the baby’s development. Therefore, mothers need to process a variety of foods. Especially for babies with BLW or Japanese weaning, the use of multi-compartment trays is essential to be able to hold separate foods.

Mother should choose tray weaning tool Made of plastic with many eye-catching colors, this is also the most popular tray today to ensure baby’s safety, does not contain toxic substances, BPA harmful to baby’s health.


Baby food tray with many compartments


Bottle/cup to practice drinking water for babies from 6 months

When children are 6 months old or older, the mother can add more water to the baby. Therefore, buying an extra water bottle for your baby is very necessary in the list baby feeding tools that’s it, moms. Mothers can use filtered water and add fruit juice to help the baby supplement vitamins better.

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Parents should note that children cannot drink water like adults, so they need the support of a faucet or a straw. I recommend that mothers choose cups with extra handles on both sides that both practice grasping skills and help babies become independent.


Mothers need to choose the right cup for the child to drink to ensure safety


Towels / napkins are weaning tools for daily use

Babies eating solid foods will inevitably spill or spill on people and clothes, so mothers need to prepare towels or napkins for easy cleaning and hygiene.

With towels, you should choose a soft bucket towel that is both convenient and economical. With napkins, mothers need to pay attention to choose a paper that is soft and safe for babies. These are 2 baby feeding tools that are always present at every meal.

Soft bucket towel makes it easy for moms to clean baby food

Experience choosing to buy baby food processing equipment.

Weaning tools for babies – Pot/cup to cook porridge.

A pot or cup to cook porridge is a convenient product that mothers need to buy for their babies. This is a product that brings convenience to housewives when taking care of small children without having to prepare many different pots. Mom just needs to put the prepared foods in the cup and then put them in the rice cooker to cook with the whole family’s rice. The finished product is a pureed, delicious porridge, especially when eating according to the baby’s meal, but the mother saves time. I used a cup of Pigeon porridge for the first baby and am planning to use it again for the second baby because it is still quite new, and my mother saves a lot of milk diapers.

I see that in the past, grandmothers in the countryside used to cook a pot of porridge and feed the baby all day. Thus, it is not delicious, not nutritious and makes the baby easily bored. So if you use a porridge pot, you need to divide the amount of food into trays and freeze them.


P porridge cooking cupigeon – the weaning processor chosen by many mothers


Baby food processing tools – Steamer

Food steamer Used to steam foods such as vegetables, tubers, meat, fish to help moms prepare food for babies both quickly and at the same time keeping freshness and maximum nutrient content. So when your baby reaches the age of weaning, don’t hesitate to invest in a separate steamer like this. It will help you keep track of your food easier and retain the most nutrients


The best BLW baby food steamer to buy


Food grinder and weaning tools to buy

Babies in the first stage of weaning need to be crushed or finely ground, so buying a food blender is essential. It helps mothers to process easily and quickly, especially with traditional or Japanese-style weaning babies. As for the mothers who feed their babies completely BLW, there is no need to buy a blender, they will not use it.

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Mothers should choose blenders with many blades, medium capacity because the amount of food for the baby is usually small. Mothers can choose from many different types, but still good review for me Philips hand blender in terms of durability, beauty and quality.


The blender is a weaning tool that mom needs to invest in


Japanese-style baby food processing kits

If the mother is applying the Japanese-style weaning method, it is imperative to invest in this weaning processor. Otherwise, you can use a blender. However, according to my own assessment and experience, using the processing tools will help the baby’s meal quality better, thereby training the baby’s raw eating skills.

You can refer to Pigeon’s or Richell’s weaning kits from Japan. These are two famous brands of the best baby food tools today. Personally, I am also using Pigeon’s set, which includes: grinding bowl, wooden pestle, sieve, grinding table, and even grater. I highly recommend this product.


The pigeon food processor I am using


Freezer tray for necessary weaning tools

Preparing baby food takes a lot of time. Therefore, freezing food is an effective solution that mothers can choose if they do not have much time.

Food freezer tray with lid For babies, it is necessary to ensure that there is a lid, BPA-free plastic that affects the health of the baby. The use of a freezer tray not only saves mothers time and effort, but also makes it easier and more reasonable to quantify the baby’s portion size.

As a person, I usually buy vegetables, meat and fish at the weekend and then prepare them in small trays and freeze them. After that, I used it for a whole week, even though I went to work, the baby was always able to eat full of nutrients without the mother having too much trouble. So this tray should be applied to mothers who give Japanese-style weaning or BLW weaning.


Weaning tools for babies – Weaning trays with lids for storage


Essential weaning guide book for first-time moms

Not every mother has enough knowledge about raising and taking care of her baby, especially about the baby’s weaning period. Therefore, the addition of weaning guide book is a way for mothers to accumulate more knowledge, diversify more food recipes as well as learn to give their children the best.

The most sought-after books by mothers today are “Weaning is not a war”, “Japanese parenting”, “Let your child get sick”…



Books provide useful weaning knowledge for mothers


Weighing tools for baby weaning should buy

The immature digestive system of children needs to be protected from the first meals of life. Therefore, using a food quantitative scale helps mothers avoid the mistake of putting too many or too few ingredients in their baby’s diet. Especially for first-time mothers, the weighing scale is an effective assistant to help mothers prepare more standard baby food.


Weighing helps mothers know exactly how much food to feed their babies daily

Above are my own sharing about the experience of choosing to buy the best weaning tools. Mothers can consult and accumulate more knowledge to have delicious meals with their children, giving them a good start. Good luck moms. If you have any concerns about baby food, don’t hesitate to leave a comment to share and exchange!

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