Mách mẹ 10 loại sữa vừa tăng cân vừa tăng chiều cao tốt cho trẻ


According to statistics of the National Institute of Nutrition, the average height of Vietnamese people ranks 182 out of 200 countries and territories. Therefore, many parents today attach great importance to improving their children’s physical and mental well-being in various ways. One of them is using milk to both increase weight and height, helping your baby develop well from the first years of life.

1. List 10 types of milk to gain weight and height today

Here are a few types of milk to increase height and weight that are trusted by many parents today:

1.1. Friso Gold Milk

Friso Gold is a famous dairy product from the FrieslandCampina brand. With high quality cold milk imported 100% from the Netherlands with small soft protein, combined with a one-time heat treatment process to fully preserve nutrients and limit denatured protein, Friso Gold brings nutrients easily digested and absorbed. As a result, children can grow well in weight and body.

Along with that, Friso Gold milk formula also has Calcium and vitamin D to help form strong bones and teeth, and promote good height development. DHA, AA support children’s brain development, thinking and cognition right from the first years of life. Abundant GOS fiber content helps protect intestinal health, preventing the risk of constipation. In addition, micro-minerals such as Zinc, Iron, and 5 types of Nucleotide have the effect of supporting strengthening resistance, reducing the risk of minor illnesses, creating conditions for children to develop well physically.

Moreover, Friso Gold is also appreciated for its light taste, almost like breast milk thanks to the absence of sugar. Therefore, mothers can rest assured that the baby will get used to it easily and receive milk quickly.

Origin: Netherlands


milk both gain weight and increase height

Friso Gold milk brings many benefits, making it easy for babies to absorb and develop well physically

1.2. Friso Gold Pro Milk

Friso Gold Pro imported 100% raw cans from Europe is the next suggestion that parents should not ignore. The product is produced from high quality milk with small, soft, natural protein, which helps babies to digest easily. In particular, Friso Gold Pro contains HMO nutrients found in breast milk. This is a valuable nutrient that nourishes the beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract, helping the baby’s digestive system be healthier to absorb nutrients smoothly. More importantly, HMO supports strengthening resistance, reducing the risk of minor illnesses, creating conditions for children to develop well physically.

In addition, Friso Gold Pro also contains PureGOS fiber, which balances the intestinal microflora, supports the movement of stool mass, and limits constipation. Micronutrients such as Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, … support the formation of strong bones and teeth from an early age, helping children to grow taller.

With Friso Gold Pro, your baby not only has a strong belly but also has good resistance – an indispensable foundation to support children to develop weight and height.

Origin: Netherlands


  • Friso Gold Pro phase 1: 702,000 VND/can 800g
  • Friso Gold Pro phase 2: 683,000 VND/can 800g
  • Friso Gold Pro phase 3: 657,400 VND/can 800g
  • Friso Gold Pro phase 4: 625,500 VND/can 800g

Which milk both gain weight and increase height?

Friso Gold Pro milk helps babies to have good resistance, healthy from the inside

1.3. Green Meadows . Milk

Green Meadows milk is a baby milk product favored by many parents because of its complete nutritional system. Thereby supporting the baby to develop weight, height and perfect the brain in the first years of life.


  • The protein content is balanced, making it easy for the baby to digest and absorb the essential amino acids in the process of building cell structure, thereby gaining weight and developing better height.
  • The content of Vitamin D3, Calcium and Phosphorus also helps the baby develop strong bones, supporting growth.
  • GOS, FOS fiber helps your baby to have easy bowel movements, avoid heaviness in the stomach and give him a healthy digestive system.
  • Milk has a delicious, greasy taste, helps babies drink a lot and quickly gain weight.

Origin: Australia

Price: 410,000 VND – 495,000 VND/900g . can

weight gain milk increase height

Green Meadows milk helps babies gain weight and stable height

1.4. Vitagrow Milk

Vitagrow is a product of NutiFood company – a prestigious Vietnamese dairy brand. With a nutritious formula rich in nutrients, Vitagrow is a good weight gainer and height increase milk product that parents can refer to.


  • The natural source of cow’s milk is imported from Newzealand, has a fatty taste, is rich in nutrition, and promotes weight gain in children.
  • Not only that, the nutrients DHA and AHA in milk help babies with bright eyes, good brain development and flexibility.
  • Nutrients Protein, Lipid, Glucid with balanced content promote weight gain in children.

Origin: Vietnam

Price: 380,000 VND – 420,000 VND/can 900g

milk to gain weight and height

Vitagrow milk with aromatic fat, creating a sense of appetite, good for babies to drink and well absorbed

1.5. Nuti Milk Grow Plus+

Another NutiFood product is Grow Plus+. This is a line of milk specifically designed for malnourished and stunted children from 1 year of age and older.


  • Grow Plus milk is prepared according to the Weight Pro + formula rich in protein, fat with Vitamins (A, B, C, E) and minerals (Calcium, Selenium, Zinc) to help babies eat delicious, quickly absorbed. and gain weight.
  • MCT fatty acids help with energy metabolism and do not store fat in the liver.
  • The fiber content in Grow Plus helps your baby have a good digestive system.

Origin: Vietnam

Price: 550,000 VND/can 1500g

Which milk helps baby gain weight and good height?

Grow Plus+ milk is a product that helps children gain weight and height effectively

1.6. Abbott Grow Milk

The next suggestion for the line of milk to support the baby’s good physical development is Abbott USA.


  • Abbott Grow Milk is formulated with a mixture of beneficial fats, no palm oil and a reasonable ratio of Calcium and Phosphorus, helping to strengthen bones and teeth, and increase height effectively.
  • High protein content, easy to digest, for baby to absorb and grow physically.
  • Abbott Grow contains 9 essential amino acids and high protein content, for baby’s physical and intellectual development
  • In addition, nutrients DHA, AA, Taurine also improve the brain and retina, giving children more flexibility.

Origin: USA

Price: About 300,000 VND/can 900gFresh milk helps babies gain weight and height

Abbott Grow Milk contains essential nutrients to support good growth

1.7. Milk Aptamil

A line of milk that is cool, easy to drink and helps babies gain weight and height, not to mention Aptamil.


  • Aptamil milk contains all 13 essential vitamins, helping your baby develop physically and mentally.
  • At the same time, high levels of Calcium and Iron and DHA for baby’s brain development, more intelligence.
  • Supplementing with Nucleotide nutrients supports the immune system and protects the body against pathogens.

Origin: France

Price: 639,000 VND – 870,000 VND/900g . can

weight gain milk increase height for baby

Aptamil milk is an effective milk to gain weight and increase height

1.8. Colosbaby Colostrum

Colosbaby milk is a product of VitaDairy, a pioneering Vietnamese dairy brand in the Immunonutrition segment. Accordingly, Colosbaby is a colostrum supplement that is trusted by many Vietnamese parents to help their children gain weight, increase resistance and develop well.


  • Colosbaby colostrum contains high levels of vitamin D3 and minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, which support the formation of strong bones and teeth, thereby helping the baby grow in height effectively.
  • Vitamin B and Zinc present in milk stimulate baby’s appetite, feed baby’s appetite, eat more, absorb quickly and gain weight stably.
  • At the same time, the IgG antibodies present in the product help strengthen the immune system, increase resistance to prevent the risk of disease.
  • In addition, FOS soluble fiber helps limit constipation, making it easy for babies to digest.

Origin: Vietnam

Price: 470,000 VND – 515,000 VND/can 800g

milk to gain weight and increase height for babies

Colosbaby colostrum is certified as the number 1 brand of nutritional products for children who need to supplement colostrum

1.9. Meiji Milk

If parents are looking for a milk line that can help their children grow taller and gain weight steadily, they cannot ignore Meiji milk.


  • In Meiji milk contains Vitamin D3, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, … helps babies develop strong bones, teeth, and grow taller quickly.
  • Nutritional ingredients such as Omega 3, Omega 6, DHA, ARA, Taurine, … in milk help improve retina, sharp eyes and good brain development.
  • Milk taste cool, baby can easily use and fully absorb nutrients, thereby gaining weight well.

Origin: Japan

Price: 405,000 VND – 505,000 VND/can 800g

Milk to gain weight and height for 1 year old baby

Meiji milk with light taste, good taste and helps baby absorb nutrients well

1.10. Milk Care 100+

The last product in the list of milk products that both gain weight and increase height is Care 100+ milk. This is a type of milk that is preferred by many parents because in addition to helping the baby grow, Care 100+ also limits the risk of intestinal diseases such as diarrhea, digestive disorders, etc. thanks to the nutrients in milk.


  • Care 100+ milk contains a high content of Colostrum colostrum, especially Lactoferrin, which helps the baby to increase resistance, limit infections, thereby easily absorb nutrients and grow in height and weight well.
  • The content of FOS fiber helps the baby have a healthy digestive system, without constipation.
  • In addition, nutrients such as DHA, Choline, Iron, etc. support brain development, help the baby grow healthy and smart.

Origin: Vietnam

Price: 330,000 VND/can 900g

Milk helps baby gain weight and height

With a sweet milky taste, Care 100+ helps your baby’s appetite and better growth

2. Some frequently asked questions about milk to gain weight and height

Here are a few frequently asked questions when choosing to buy milk to gain weight and height for children:

2.1. What factors affect a child’s weight and height?

There are many factors that affect a child’s weight and height. Specifically:

  • Genetics: Studies have proven that children’s height will inherit genes from parents.
  • Nutrition: This is also one of the factors that affect a child’s height and weight. Children with a nutritious diet will develop well physically. On the contrary, children who are deficient in nutrients will be stunted, often sick, and do not reach the growth index.
  • Body training: Regular physical exercise creates favorable conditions for children to develop well in weight and height.
  • In addition, factors such as lifestyle, living environment, health status, etc. are also factors affecting the height and weight of children.

2.2. Why should milk supplements increase height and weight for children?

Children with standard height and weight will have a healthy body, intelligence and good resistance. If the child is slow to gain weight and height, the child will have growth retardation, rickets, weakness, and poor resistance. Therefore, the addition of milk to increase height and weight to support the supply of nutrients and help children achieve the necessary growth indicators.

2.3. What factors should be kept in mind when choosing milk to increase weight and height for children?

Here are some notes that parents need to know before choosing milk to both gain weight and increase height for their baby:

  • Learn more about the ingredients in milk. To support the baby’s good physical development, mothers should choose products with small, soft milk proteins that are easy to digest and absorb. At the same time, milk is rich in minerals such as calcium, vitamin D, phosphorus …
  • You should buy milk suitable for your baby’s age to best adapt and absorb.
  • Choose to buy long-term branded milk with clear origin.
  • Note that you should only buy milk for your baby from reputable places.

Understanding the concerns of parents who want their children to grow up quickly and healthy right from the first years of life, many brands have launched milk products that both increase weight and increase height. However, in order for the baby to grow up to the standard, in addition to choosing the right formula, parents should also help their children exercise and have a reasonable diet.

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