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The transition from bottle feeding to cup drinking is extremely difficult. If you drink water from a regular cup, your baby may choke. So use baby water bottle Mothers choose to make this process a lot easier.

What is a baby water bottle? When to let your baby use a drinking bottle?

The baby water bottle is an effective support tool for the baby during the eating period, designed in the form of a bottle with a vortex lid or lid and with a drinking spout, helping the baby not to choke when drinking water.

Currently, on the market, there are many different types of drinking bottles: type with or without handle, rubber drinking spout, plastic drinking spout, type with vortex or lid and with spout, etc.

The bottle is a great support for babies in transitioning from bottle feeding to regular bottle feeding, helping to improve hand-mouth coordination at a time when the baby has enough motor skills to hold the bottle, but is not yet able to drink. ability to remove air when drinking. Baby bottles can give your baby independence and make it easier to keep them clean.

When should a baby use a water bottle?

The ideal time for your baby to start getting used to a bottle is around 7-9 months old. Usually, babies are more than 1 year old when they are interested in bottles. Mothers also should not use the bottle to practice drinking for the baby too early because the baby has not been able to control drinking water at this time.

Experience using baby water bottles

Some babies use the bottle right away, others take a while to get used to the new idea. Here are some suggestions for moms to transfer their babies to a bottle easily:

  • Start with a soft, nipple-like drinking spout that feels more familiar than a hard plastic spout. Mothers can choose bottles with straps for babies
  • Teach your baby how to raise the bottle to his mouth and raise the bottom of the bottle to drink
  • Give your baby time to adjust. Mother only put filtered water in the bottle when the baby is proficient with this practice. When your baby shakes or throws the bottle, it can cause the carpet or floor to fill with drops of water.
  • Don’t be too concerned when your baby sometimes doesn’t use the bottle properly, treat it as a toy for your baby
  • Choose from several styles of bottles until you find the one that works best for your baby. Some types of open-valve bottles can help prevent air from getting into your baby’s drink.
  • Encourage your baby to use the bottle when you see him ready.

What should mothers do when the baby does not want to use the water bottle?

First, the mother should put the spout of the drinking bottle into milk, or juice. Next, the mother let the baby know that the inside of the bottle was the type of drink that the baby liked and put the water bottle to the baby’s mouth to promote the sucking reflex.

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baby water bottle

If your baby is bottle-feeding, divide the milk in half into a feeding bottle and half into a bottle to let your baby nurse as usual. Let your baby get used to the bottle slowly.

If your baby still can’t use the bottle, try it with a straw. Most children do not like the bottle because the spout is quite large, the straw will be easier.

Mothers need to pay attention to baby drinks. If your baby doesn’t like the drink, you have to change it right away. The same goes for baby bottles, so you should change different types of cups to make your baby interested in learning to drink water.

What bad habits should be avoided when using a baby bottle?

  • Never let your child bring a bottle of milk or juice to bed or when he’s out all day. The sugar in milk and fruit will fill your baby’s mouth and cause serious tooth decay.
  • Beverages are easy to stick to nooks and crannies and scratches on bottles and valves, allowing bacteria and mold to grow. Try to rinse the jar thoroughly, periodically checking for damage or mold on the lid and valve.
  • Do not give your baby cow’s milk in a bottle until he is 1 year old.
  • Choose fruits without cloves to avoid clogging the valve.
  • Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the potion is the magic way to wean. For some babies, the bottle is simply a substitute for a bottle of milk.
  • Don’t add juice or milk to your baby’s bottle throughout the day, if he’s finished his serving of juice or milk, refill the bottle if he’s thirsty.

Tips on how to choose the right baby water bottle

On the market, there are many types of drinking bottles with many different designs, models and quality. In particular, the baby’s resistance is very weak, so mothers must do what they can to choose the best quality, safest and most suitable products for their babies. Here are a few tips to make your choice easier.

baby water bottle

There are 3 types of drinking bottles on the market today: with handles, with straws and without handles.

Type with suction tube:

According to market survey data of many bottle manufacturers, most children from 5-6 months old prefer to use drinking bottles with straws, especially in the period of 7-9 months.

The reason why the baby is interested in this product is thanks to the extremely eye-catching appearance design with many lovely shapes, the straws are manufactured with a moderate size, have a certain softness and can be rotated in all directions. So the baby can drink and play at the same time, so it is very interesting. In addition, the price of this bottle is not too high, suitable for your pocket and safe for your baby’s health.

Baby water bottle with handle

This type of drinking bottle helps children practice the skills of holding their own drinking cup like adults thanks to the design of beautiful handles, suitable for the size of the baby’s hand, creating a firmness when holding, raising Practice grasping skills, create reflexes for babies when holding other objects.

Drinking water bottle without handle

Although there is no handle, but this type of bottle is designed with a convex body, making it easier for babies to hold. In addition, the bottle is also equipped with an overflow valve, so even if the baby tilts the bottle or drops the bottle, the water in the bottle will not spill out, extremely convenient.

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In addition to relying on design, mothers should pay attention to choosing cup materials as well as reputable brands to ensure baby’s safety. It is best to choose a BPA-free plastic material. Stainless steel bottles are more economical and won’t break, however, they can be heavy for babies.

Top 7 most trusted baby water bottles in 2022

1. Pigeon baby drinking bottle with 330ml straw

Pigeon is the number 1 drinking bottle brand in Japan, meeting European quality standards. Products are manufactured from high quality materials from safe and hygienic PP plastic and silicone. Tall water bottle with a funny curved body design, helping your baby catch things every time he drinks water.

baby water bottle

Outstanding Features:

  • The material of the baby water bottle is safe PP plastic, good strength, high heat resistance, up to 120 degrees Celsius, durable.
  • Premium silicone straws, BPA free, or toxic substances, soft and gentle on baby’s gums
  • The product has a long spout, reaching to the bottom with a sturdy slide, effectively preventing water leakage even when the baby slopes up.
  • Curved handles on both sides, easy to hold and hold the bottle when drinking, the handle can be removed from the bottle
  • The bottle has graduated lines to help mothers easily measure the amount of drink for the baby
  • Components can be easily disassembled, convenient to clean

2. Richell suction flask RC41013

Richell is a prestigious brand originating from Japan. This is a 3-stage drinking cup, perfect support for your baby from the moment he gets used to a drinking cup with a straw until he masters using a regular cup.

  • Stage 1: Baby 6 months old
  • Stage 2: Baby uses a straw
  • Stage 3: 9 months old baby
baby water bottle

The product design is simple, with few parts, making it easy for mothers to wash and clean the cup. The cup body is made of PP plastic, the silicone straw is safe for babies. The handle on both sides is thin and wide, so it is very convenient for the baby to use. In addition, the bottle also has a capacity division, helping to control the amount of water that the baby uses.

3. Philips Avent My Natural Trainer Cup baby bottle

Avent My Natural Trainer Cup baby drinking bottle originated in the Netherlands. The product has been carefully tested and certified to be safe for the health of children.

baby water bottle

Outstanding Features:

  • Made from high-quality plastic, free of PVC, BPA as well as toxic substances, ensuring absolute safety for children
  • The spout is made of soft and elastic silicone
  • Extremely effective anti-spill
  • There are water lines to help mothers easily control the amount of water that the baby drinks
  • The product size is suitable for the baby’s mouth, making it easier to drink water
  • The mouth of the bottle is relatively wide, making cleaning faster
  • Easy-to-remove tank cover
  • Product design is lovely, funny, bright colors are easy to attract babies


  • The product is not equipped with an air valve system, so sometimes babies become bloated when sucking water
  • Difficult for babies who are new to bottle training because the water in the bottle only comes out when the baby sucks.

4. NUK Learner Cup baby drinking bottle

This is a type of drinking bottle with German brand NUK, made of silicone material that is both safe and extremely soft, so it will not affect your baby’s gums and teeth. The body of the bottle is shaped extremely round, along with the spout very similar to the mother’s nipple, helping the baby get used to the bottle faster.

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baby water bottle
  • Soft medical silicone suction head, good durability, suitable for babies in the teething period
  • Replaceable with NUK Premium Choice+ . teat
  • The handle with grained grains helps babies grasp firmly, the base is TPE soft plastic that is anti-slip and protects when falling. Convenient detachable handle.
  • Prevent spillage to prevent liquid from leaking to the outside, keep the drinking head clean, and limit bacteria growth.
  • The bottle neck cap is tight, easy to remove and screw
  • Strictly comply with European standards
  • For babies 6-18 months old

Note when using:

  • Turn the vent valve up when drinking
  • Clean the tank with NUK
  • Sterilize with a sterilizer or boil for 5 minutes (do not touch the bottom or sides of the pot easily). Do not use in dishwasher or microwave.

5. Munchkin Flexi Transition Cup

On the list of the most popular baby water bottles today, Munchkin Flexi Transition Cup is an American brand of water bottles. This product has a design that is not much different from the Nuk Learner Cup drinking bottle.

baby water bottle

Outstanding Features:

  • Non-slip handle, petite
  • Drinking faucet is made from soft plastic
  • Simple design in transparent style
  • Resistant to spills

The only minus point of this product is that the faucet of the bottle is quite damaged after a few months of use.

6. Wesser baby water bottle 260ml

Wessser is a brand of premium plastic milk bottles in Vietnam. Produced by advanced Korean technology lines, Wesser’s baby drinking bottle does not break under the baby’s throwing power. In particular, safe silicone straws, unique design to help babies drink in any position, anti-colic.

The water bottle has handles on both sides to help your baby hold the bottle firmly. The product has an air outlet button to easily store hot and cold drinks. When the baby is not in use, the mother should close the lid to ensure the hygiene of the baby’s water bottle. The parts of the bottle can be easily disassembled, convenient for the mother to clean the bottle for the baby.

baby water bottle


  • The product cannot be used in the microwave
  • Can’t stand high temperature
  • Do not use with hot water over 70 degrees Celsius.

7. PP McGoldson PP baby water bottle 330ml

PP McGoldson is a brand of drinking bottles in Vietnam. The product has a beautiful design, easy to hold, bringing comfort to the baby. The McGoldson bottle has a soft-tip silicone straw that protects teeth and gums. The inner head of the cup has a heavy bottom, which makes it easy to absorb water when the bottle is tilted at any angle. Smart one-way valve, minimizing air bubbles, reducing pressure, anti-colic for babies to drink water comfortably and gently. In addition, the product also has a silicone seal to prevent water from spilling when moving.

drinking water bottle for baby-nuoc

The McGoldson PP bottle has a non-slip, flexible handle that can be rotated 360 degrees. The body of the bottle is slim, easy to hold, has a funny shape, bright colors, is printed with clear volumetric lines on the surface with safe, non-toxic ink. You can separate the parts of the bottle to clean and disinfect by boiling, steaming, sterilizing with ultraviolet rays, microwave without

Learning to drink for your baby will help your baby develop more skills, perfect and develop every day. Hopefully with the above sharing, mothers have been able to choose the best baby water bottle product for their baby!

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