Sữa Care 100 Gold có tốt không? Sữa tăng cân, chiều cao cho bé không?


milk care 100 Gold Is it good is a question that many mothers care about. This is a line of milk for children with anorexia, rickets, malnutrition, and weight gain. So how effective is the actual use of milk, is the price of milk expensive? Check out the detailed review below!


Origin of Care 100 Gold milk

Care 100 Gold is a dairy product of Nutricare Nutrition Joint Stock Company, which researches and develops products for children with anorexia, malnutrition, stunting, and low birth weight. Nutricare is a Vietnamese brand, founded by leading nutrition experts trained in the United States, Europe, and Japan.

With its strength in nutrition, the company continuously launches nutritional product lines suitable for many different types of users.

Nutricare was established in 2010 but has launched a wide range of quality products and has been supported by consumers. The brand received many great awards such as:

  • 2013: Received Brand Gold Cup for safe food for public health
  • 2014: Reached the Top 100 Best Products and Services for Families & Children in 2014
  • 2015: Won the title of Prestigious and Quality Product – Service
  • 2018: The title of Vietnam National Brand in Medical Nutrition
  • 2019: Being the “key industrial product” enterprise of Hanoi city
  • 2020: Reaching the Top 10 ASEAN Strong Brands – Asean Brands Award and also being honored as Vietnam’s National Brand in Medical Nutrition for the 2nd time in a row
  • 2021: Reaching the Top 500 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam

The company always focuses on construction investment in modern production machinery and equipment. 100% of Nutricare’s products are manufactured under a closed process, meeting international standards GMP, HACCP, ISO 22000: 2005, controlled temperature, humidity and pressure ….

Therefore, if mothers are looking for a safe milk for their children, helping them to supplement nutrients and gain weight quickly, they can refer to Nutricare’s Care 100 Gold milk.


1. How many types of Care 100 Gold milk?

Currently, Care 100 Gold milk has 2 types: canned milk powder 400g, 900g and canned milk 110ml, 180ml. The line of powdered milk comes in the form of a tin, has a lid, has a milk scoop and is easy to store. With ready-to-drink canned milk, mothers can carry their bags with them when they go out or leave their bags when they go to school, which is quite convenient.

2. What is the nutritional composition of Care 100 Gold milk?

To evaluate whether Care 100 Gold milk is good, first of all, we need to see the details of the product’s ingredients. This is one of the clinically proven milk lines. Milk formula supplemented with nutritional ingredients specifically for malnourished, anorexic, slow growing children with abundant protein, vitamins and minerals. Table of specific ingredients:

– Ingredients to help increase height and weight for babies:

  • MCT, Olive-rich essence: helps your baby easily absorb nutrients
  • High content of Calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamin D: Good for the bone system, helping to increase height for children
  • Exceptional energy: 20% more energy: 120Kcal/100 ml
  • Protein 17g/100g + Rich in fast-absorbing protein Whey + Supports muscle growth
  • Easily absorbed fat system: Advanced fat composition + Animal/vegetable fat ratio (70/30) in accordance with WHO recommendations + Especially supplemented with MCT fat and Olive oil for easy absorption, increased absorption absorb fat-soluble vitamins and calcium.

– Ingredients for brain and visual development for babies:

  • Each box of Nutricare Care 100 Gold milk has DHA, Choline, Taurine, Omega 3,6 content, good for brain, vision, increasing concentration and helping baby to remember longer..

– Milk ingredients increase resistance, strengthen the immune system:

  • Antibodies IgG from Colostrum: Colostrum helps strengthen immunity, helps prevent and reduce infections.
  • Antioxidants A, C, E, Selenium: Fight free radicals, strengthen immunity.
  • Zinc: Supports immune system activity, absorption and transport of vitamin A, accelerates wound healing

– Milk ingredients are good for the digestive system

  • Nucleotides help protect the gut
  • FOS/Inulin fiber combined with B vitamins, magnesium, zinc stimulates appetite and good absorption of nutrients.
  • B group vitamins: help increase appetite.

This is a comparison table of the ingredients of Care 100 Gold milk and the best-selling baby weight gainers on the market today. Based on this comparison table, mothers can evaluate that Nutricare 100 Gold milk has outstanding nutrient content, providing the necessary energy to improve the body shape and comprehensive development of the baby.

3. Is Care 100 Gold Milk good? Does it help your baby gain weight?

Does Care Gold 100 milk gain weight for babies?

If mothers are looking for milk to gain weight, they should refer to Care Gold 100. This is a milk line exclusively for rickets, stunted children.

The additional energy source is 20% higher than conventional milk. 100ml of milk mixed with the right ratio can provide 120kcal for baby. Therefore, babies who use Care Gold 100 milk daily will have full energy to play and work all day long.

The content of American soybeans and Whey protein is 30-70%, helping the baby to have an optimal protein balance and the most easily assimilated protein, quickly absorbing nutrients, and developing muscle mass. more comprehensive.

MCT hydrolyzed fat extracted from soybeans with olive oil. These are all easy-to-digest, easy-to-absorb fats specifically for babies to help them digest quickly and gain weight easily.

Note: Mothers should combine the supplement Care 100 Gold with sports activities for the baby to gain weight and develop a balanced physique.

Care 100 Gold milk increase height for babies?

Care 100 gold milk also helps children develop optimal height. The ratio of calcium, vitamin D, vitamin C, and phosphorus supports strong bones, increases height and weight in a balanced and healthy manner. In which, 50% calcium and D3 are added that other energy milk lines cannot do.

Care 100 Gold milk develops the brain to help the baby be smart

The composition of milk supplemented with substances such as DHA, taurine, choline, omega 3, omega 6 … are very good for the baby’s brain, helping the baby to develop intellectually and more intelligently.

Besides, the ratio of animal and vegetable fats in 100 gold care milk is 70:30%. This is the golden ratio recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) to help nerve cells thrive, enhance memory and concentration in children.

Care 100 Gold Milk strengthens the immune system, the resistance helps the baby stay healthy

Care 100 gold milk is supplemented with colostrum – a precious ingredient found only in the first days of animal lactation. Colostrum has many antibodies to help the baby increase resistance, better prevent diseases.

In addition, the vitamins and minerals in milk are fully supplemented, strengthening the baby’s immune system. So if you evaluate Care 100 Gold milk is good or not, it certainly is. Using milk daily, the baby’s body is always healthy, not getting sick when the weather changes, especially during the changing seasons.

Is Care 100 Gold milk cool, is it good for the digestive system?

This is a question that many mothers care about when choosing to buy formula milk for their babies. Is baby milk cool? Is the baby constipated?

Milk ingredients are mainly natural ingredients, suitable for the digestive system of babies. The combination of Whey protein source and soybean germ extract imported from New Zealand and the US, the baby can absorb nutrients easily without constipation.

Besides, milk ingredients have fiber FOS and 5 types of Nucleotides. These are all ingredients of good bacteria for the intestinal tract, stimulate fast digestion, support the small intestine to absorb nutrients more easily.

How does Care 100 Gold taste like?

Milky flavor, slightly sweet. Breastfeeding babies may not be used to it at first, but this is a common feature of high-energy formulas.

At the first time of use, the mother should mix the baby a little bit diluted, then gradually increase the amount of milk to the right standard!

3. Who is Care 100 Gold suitable for?

This is a milk line exclusively for children from 1-10 years old, especially suitable for anorexia, malnourished, stunted children who need to gain weight.

Mothers should not give babies under 1 year old Care 100 Gold milk to avoid affecting the baby’s digestive system!

4. How much is Care 100 Gold milk? Where to buy genuine products?

Currently, Nutricare Care 100 Gold milk for anorexia malnourished children 1-10 years old (900g) price ranges from 327k-349k/box (Refer to the price of some sales websites)and a carton of Nutricare Care 100 Gold liquid milk, the price ranges from 397k/carton – 410k/carton of 110ml x 48 boxes (Refer to the price of some sales websites).

Mothers should choose reputable units to order because milk for babies, directly affects the health of children. Currently, Nutricare has genuine stores on suabottot.com; concung.vn… You can go to Nutricare’s ambassador shops nationwide to purchase or contact to purchase with the following information:

Ordering on reputable commerce sites, mom will save time and money because they often have promotions, support free shipping!

5. Should I buy Care 100 Gold milk?

I will summarize and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the product so that mothers can easily answer the question of whether 100 Gold care milk is good!

– Advantage:

This is a milk line of Vietnamese people, Nutricare researches based on the health of babies in Vietnam. Moreover, the product has been clinically proven by the Vietnam Institute of Applied Medicine, safe for baby’s health.

Effective use:

After 2 months, the baby grows well in weight.

After 4 months:

  • Your baby’s weight will increase by about 1.5kg, 36.4 better than regular formula
  • Reduce your baby’s risk of anemia
  • Avoid the risk of deficiency of micronutrients: iron, zinc, help children eat better, increase the quality of their sleep
  • Cool milk, good for the digestive system, the baby is not constipated.
  • The price of milk is reasonable, suitable for the economic conditions of many Vietnamese families

– Defect: The taste is a bit sweet, difficult to get used to in the first few days.

6. Some reviews of 100 gold care milk after use:

Ms. Thanh Tuyen, mother of Bin (Hoang Mai, Hanoi):

“In the past, my child was very anorexic, even though I tried to change all the menus and make all the dishes he liked to eat, it still didn’t improve. Because of that, my baby’s weight did not increase at all, many times when I was sick, I lost weight even faster. Until I took my child to the doctor and was advised to use 100 gold care milk, the results surprised me. Now, the baby is not only very interested in drinking milk every day but also always has a sense of appetite, no longer anorexic as before. After only a few months of drinking milk, the baby’s weight has improved significantly. I am really very happy.”

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Ms. Thu Thuy, mother and son of Sam Sam (Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh):

“Every time I take my child out, I get scolded by everyone for letting me be thinner and shorter than my peers. I have also tried everything to improve the height, weight and health of my children, but it still doesn’t work. Then I was advised by a friend to change milk for her, let her try 100 gold care milk. When I gave my baby milk, I did not dare to hope too much, but the surprise that this milk brought to my baby was beyond my imagination. My baby has only been drinking milk for a few months, but there has been a remarkable change in weight, height, and immune system, which makes me very happy.”


To have the best quality milk for your baby, help your child gain weight and develop comprehensively, please note a few issues when making milk. Specifically:

  • The milk maker needs to be sterilized by boiling for 2-5 minutes and then washing it with specialized bottle cleaner.
  • Mix the correct ratio of 5 tablespoons of milk with 180ml of boiled water to warm at about 40 degrees
  • Mothers should stir well, so that the milk dissolves in the water, promoting the maximum value of nutrients
  • Milk after mixing should be used up 1 time, do not store more than 3 hours at room temperature
  • Opened milk should be used up within 43 weeks. After this time, the mother should not give the baby any more.

Hopefully with the article I share, you will have an objective assessment of Care 100 Gold milk is good, should you buy it or not!

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