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Nowadays, there are many Methods of educating preschool children used. Each method has its own good and bad sides. So how do parents choose a school with the best educational method for their children? Check out the article below to learn more!

1. 8 famous methods of educating preschool children in the world

When choosing a school for children, besides the facilities, the educational method is a factor that needs to be considered. Depending on the orientation of each school, the methods of educating preschool children may be different. Here are some well-known early childhood education methods that parents can refer to to learn and choose the most suitable method for their children.

1.1 The Montessori Method

This method is named after the educator Maria Montessori. Take children’s self-study ability as the main educational basis. Children learn by the Montessori method encouraged to develop their own abilities. Teachers mostly only observe, give suggestions and support to children when really needed.

Methods of educating preschool children Children can completely have fun with their friends.

The special feature of this method is that it is never forced on children to do things that they do not want. At the same time, children are always free to learn, speak or communicate. Children will become independent, positive, confident communicators, responsible for themselves and the community.

In addition, there are 5 areas of the Montessori method that parents need to understand.

  • Practical life: In areas of life, children will be able to dress themselves, tie their shoelaces, prepare food or take care of and clean up their surroundings such as cleaning the table, watering the plants, planting tree…
  • Senses: There will be appropriate exercises and stimulate the comprehensive development of the baby’s 5 senses.
  • Language: With the Montessori method, children can freely communicate and learn to write numbers and letters.
  • Math: Children will be familiar with numbers through calculations or simple math problems.
  • Culture: For this field children will learn all about history, music, animals…

1.2 The Reggio Emilia Method

Methods of preschool education in the classroom. Reggio Emilia preschool education method at school

This is a method of educating preschool children that originated in Italy. The benefit that this method brings is that children will be able to perform daily activities on their own to stimulate self-reflection. Children are always respected, not confined to a framework but automatically create and do what they like.

With the Reggio Emilia method, children’s opinions are always heard. Teachers are just observers, supporting children to solve difficult problems.

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Things to do when setting up a class according to the Reggio Emilia Method with the following video:

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1.3 Methods of educating children at home Glenn Doman

Professor Glenn Doman is the inventor of this method of early childhood education. Through the Glenn Doman method, children will be stimulated their linguistic intelligence and improve their vocabulary with Dot-cards or Flash-cards. As a result, children will be developed physically, mentally, emotionally and stimulate the ability to overcome adversity from a young age.

The Glenn Doman Method in the Education of Children. The Glenn Doman Method in the Education of Children.

Glenn Doman’s Method is encouraged to be taught at home early for children from 3 months old. However, if parents do not have the ability and time to do Glenn Doman at home, they can look to preschools that support teaching this method.

1.4 Methods of educating preschool children Steiner

method of educating children steiner Children are being exposed to nature by playing with sand.

Steiner’s method one of Methods of teaching preschool children thrive in the world. Invented by an Austrian philosopher and architect, this method focuses on three factors: the child’s emotions, thoughts and will. Steiner’s main goal is not to cram knowledge into children’s heads. It must be through fun activities, learning music, painting or contacting nature. Gradually, children will acquire knowledge and learn more about life experiences.

A school that uses the Steiner method to teach needs to fully meet the following factors:

  • Children are always able to play, explore and develop their imaginations by themselves.
  • Organize a variety of activities that repeat often.
  • Teachers will be guides and role models.
  • Tools and toys must be creatively designed to stimulate children’s thinking.
  • Always bring sincerity to children.

1.5 STEAM . Method

Children being able to practice on their own and participate in creative activities is the main way of education of the STEAM method. Children who receive this type of education will have certain advantages as follows: have a solid knowledge of science, technology, engineering, art and math. Good thinking and creativity ability, high performance work. At the same time, children will comprehensively develop soft skills.

steam education method for preschool children Children are free to develop their abilities on paper.

STEAM is a Methods of preschool education most modern. This method not only considers the teacher as a provider of knowledge, but also a person who always accompanies and supports children in learning as well as in life. Besides, the STEAM method creates excitement and exploration and discovery for children in learning and life so that they can still ensure knowledge.

VTC has made a short report on the STEAM Method through the following video:

1.6 HighScope Teaching Methods

Educating preschool children by HighScope method. Educating children with the HighScope method.

The good absorption of children when actively participating in learning programs is the main purpose of the HighScope method. Children gain knowledge through their experiences with people and the world around them. At the same time, this method also helps children to develop comprehensively in all areas.

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A class following the HighScope method must ensure the following 3 essential elements:

  • There is a back and forth interaction between the classroom teacher and the children.
  • Activities and learning must be scheduled for each day.
  • Schools must have beautiful classroom decorations. Can be arranged according to the preferences of children. And more than that, a reasonable way to arrange tools so that children can easily pick up and store things more easily.

1.7 Methods of teaching children to develop intellectually Shichida

This is the method of early education that started in Japan. The Shichida Method emphasizes on the education of children during the first six years of life. Because of the results that this method brings, it has been applied and developed in many countries.

French mother's day Guide children to read books to exercise brain development.

The goal of this method is towards the holistic development of the child. From providing lessons on the development of mind, spirit to physical, especially the brain development of children is focused.

When children enjoy the education of this method, they will have wide knowledge, flexible problem-solving and increased ability to absorb information. The second benefit that the Shichida method brings to children is to help them become conscious from a young age and develop physically more effectively.

You can see the full implementation of this method with the following video series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41U3OGmWzts&list=PLTpZvnU_eg8BBT7CNoXnqJwfiovwIvuMQ

1.8 Forest School Methods

When it comes to Forest School, this is no longer Methods of teaching preschool children unfamiliar with countries with developed education such as the US or Finland. When applying this method, children will completely have fun outdoors, freely explore and immerse themselves in the surrounding nature.

The class is educated by the method of teaching preschool children Forest School. The classroom is educated using the Forest School method.

All programs that fall under this approach are geared toward the child’s long-term, regular participation. Here, children use natural materials to learn and create. At the same time expand the knowledge further, depending on the circumstances and time.

There are two important things that children acquire after undergoing education by the Forest School method. It is a clear mind, lucidity and a healthy body.

2. Some other early childhood education methods to note

Outside Teaching methods for preschool children As mentioned above, there are also some methods that you should also be aware of. These methods are often adjusted and researched to be more appropriate at two levels of education: Kindergarten Education and Preschool Education.

2.1 Kindergarten level education

  • Affection method: With this method, the teacher must always be gentle, close, and show his love for each child. Having such actions helps children gain trust and have fun with them. From there, it also teaches children the habit of being kind to everyone around them.
  • Speech method: When telling a story to a child, it should be told in an expressive and interactive way with the child’s eyes. At the same time, encourage children to communicate with people and objects around. Create appropriate conditions for children to be able to tell stories by themselves and express their thoughts to everyone. Thereby giving children confidence in communication.
  • Visual methods, illustrations: Teachers use pictures, objects, toys and tools to interact with children in appropriate circumstances.
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How to teach preschool children with illustrations Educating preschool children with illustrations

  • Practice method: From what teachers do with surrounding objects, children will learn observation and agility in life.
  • How to use the game: In extracurricular or fun activities, there should be interesting games and fun activities. At the same time, include lessons or skills to handle situations for children to see and guide them to follow. Things like this are very good for the baby’s thinking and behavior ability.
  • Training method: With each learning program or activity, children are trained with movements and words appropriate to the situation and time at that moment.
  • Exemplary assessment method: When children have good words or behavior, teachers should reward them. It can be words or material rewards. However, when children make mistakes, teachers also need to severely criticize and advise children to correct their mistakes. Absolutely do not speak harshly or scold the child.

2.2 Kindergarten level education

At preschool age, the methods of education are almost similar. But the methods are all more advanced than kindergarten-level education.

  • Affection method: Like the above-mentioned teaching methods in preschool, teachers should have words and actions to encourage children. Thereby creating a deep trust that children have for themselves. Then, children will follow and will be good to family and people around.
  • Practice method: Teachers will use objects to train thinking, stimulate exploration and help children gain more experience in difficult situations.
  • Scenario method: When your child encounters a problem, you should give a specific situation for the child to learn and how to solve it.
  • Training method: Set higher requirements for the child to deal with. For example, situations that children often encounter in life. At the same time, better understand the skills of handling work according to the children’s understanding and skills.

Extracurricular activities help teach preschool children to explore the world Extracurricular activities help children explore the world

  • Visual methods, illustrations: Get children in the habit of doing the best they can through the use of vivid illustrations and modern learning tools. This method also helps children develop their language ability well.
  • Speech method: Teachers must communicate problems and help children express their abilities through words and actions.

How to use love to feel and listen to children more Use emotions to feel and listen to children more

The article has helped you better understand the methods of early childhood education. Hope the above information will help you to apply Methods of educating preschool children effective for children.

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