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Babies born prematurely, prematurely, and with low birth weight are more likely to have health problems than full-term babies. Therefore, these little angels need more special care, especially in terms of nutrition.

Breastfeeding is best. But because of premature birth, the mother may not have enough milk for the baby. Or for some reason, you need to replace it with formula. However, most conventional formulas are designed for full-term infants.

Milk for premature babies It needs special support so that your baby can catch up on the growth chart. And if you find it difficult to make a choice, read on below. This article will help you choose the best milk for premature, premature and low birth weight babies.

1. What are the characteristics of premature, premature and low birth weight babies?

A baby is considered to be born premature (Premature Baby) if born before 36-37 weeks of gestation. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the countries with the highest number of premature babies are India, China, Nigeria, Pakistan and Indonesia, respectively.

Milk for premature babies

Premature babies are extremely small and fragile

When a baby is born prematurely, the baby will weigh much less than a full-term baby. Usually the weight of a premature baby is less than 2.5kg. You may be shocked to see how small and fragile a premature baby is.

Premature babies often have difficulty suckling, swallowing, and breathing properly. This makes breastfeeding and bottle-feeding difficult. And another way to feed preterm, premature babies is to pump milk through the tube.

Instead of being cared for and developed in perfect conditions in the womb, the baby soon had to go out and “fight for himself”. Therefore, taking care of premature babies needs special attention. The baby will likely have many health problems because the parts of the body have not had enough time to perfect. Especially if the baby was born too far from the due date.

Babies born prematurely, the lungs will have difficulty performing the function of oxygen metabolism for the body. It is difficult for the digestive system to absorb food and excrete it. The heart is not yet complete, so the baby will be prone to congenital heart disease. Baby’s skin is wrinkled and can be transparent enough to see the tiny veins underneath. Toes, fingers can be a little disproportionate…

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Taking care of and nurturing premature and premature babies is very difficult. Because the baby cannot store protein (Protein), fat, vitamins and other micronutrients. Because many nutrients are only absorbed from mother to baby mainly in the last months and weeks of pregnancy.

Milk for premature babies

Premature babies eat through tubes

2. What are the characteristics of milk for premature babies?

Milk for premature babies is a formula specifically designed for premature and low birth weight babies. So it will be better, more suitable than regular formula. Usually doctors will prescribe which type to use. Or you can also make suggestions for your doctor to consider.

Many times when choosing infant formula, including choosing formula for premature babies, the brand is not as important as the fit for your baby. Because the composition of nutrients in formula milk is basically the same. The difference lies in the content of ingredients and the addition of a few extras.

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Milk for premature babies has a higher content of calories, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals… than regular formula. These nutrients will help the baby develop and complete faster than the parts of the body that have not had a chance to complete. To close the gap and catch the growth chart.

Milk for premature babies

Newborn milk needs to have a higher nutritional content than regular formula

If you’re worried your baby might be lactose intolerant, there are lactose-free preterm milks available. There are also infant formulas suitable for babies prone to allergies… Read the manufacturer’s information carefully, there will be a suitable formula for your baby.

3. Top 10 milk for premature, premature and low birth weight babies

The best brands of infant formula today are names like Similac, Nan, Friso, Morinaga… In addition to regular infant formula, these brands also have special treatment lines. to meet different special needs for our little angels.

Milk for premature babies, low weight is one of them. And right here are the most prominent names today.

3.1 Similac Neosure Infant Formula (powder)

When it comes to infant formula, Abbott’s Similac brand is very familiar to breastfeeding mothers. Is Similac milk good? Similac milk is considered to have a high content of nutrients, especially protein. And the price of Similac milk is also much higher than other types.

Similac Neosure Infant Formula specially designed for premature, preterm, low birth weight babies. Outstandingly high in calories, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Helps premature babies have great catch-up development.

In addition, the OptiGRO formula includes DHA, ARA, Calcium, Phosphorus, Lutein, Vitamin E… to support the development of the baby’s bones, brain and eyes. Similac Neosure Infant Formula is a domestic product in the US for premature and low birth weight babies from 0-12 months old.

Similac Neosure Infant Formula

Similac Neosure Infant Formula

3.2 Similac Neosure IQ Milk

Similac Neosure IQ Milk is also another product line for premature and low birth weight babies from 0-12 months old of this brand. But has a slightly cheaper price than Similac Neosure Infant Formula 1. Besides tinned milk powder, there is also a liquid form, which is pre-mixed milk powder packaged in tubes Similac Neosure IQ 22 kcal very convenient and popular in Vietnam.

In addition to the high content of protein, vitamins, etc., Similac Neosure IQ milk is built on another formula. The IQ nutrient system includes the optimal combination of LCPUFA (AA & DHA), Omega3 & 6, Taurine, Choline, Iron… to help support maximum vision and brain development. Immutify Ingredient nutrient system helps strengthen immune cells, best protect your baby.

Similac Neosure IQ milk powder and liquid

Similac Neosure IQ milk powder and liquid

3.3 Similac Special Care Milk (water form)

Similac Special Care Milk is also a line of milk products for premature and low birth weight babies from 0-12 months old of this brand. Compared to powdered milk, this ready-made powdered liquid milk is much more convenient. However, the price of liquid milk is usually more expensive than powdered milk.

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Similac Special Care milk has 2 lines: Similac Special Care IQ, yellow tube, 22 Kcal and 24 Kcal are used in the hospital. And Similac Special Care Infant Formula, 24 Kcal purple tube, US domestic goods. Each of these lines has a slight difference in the corresponding milk formula as the two above. Songs have been researched specifically for premature babies, very low birth weight.

Similac Special Care milk in liquid form

Similac Special Care milk in liquid form

3.4 Morinaga E-Akachan Milk

All kinds of Japanese milk for babies often have in common that the taste is similar to breast milk, easy to drink, helps brain development and supports height development very well. Same goes for Morinaga milk. And when choosing milk for premature babies, low birth weight mothers should not ignore Morinaga E-Akachan milk. This type is used for babies up to 1 year old and has 2 options: powder form and convenient tablet form.

Morinaga E-Akachan Milk has high content of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals, partially hydrolyzed, suitable for the characteristics of premature infants. Also added some other special substances. Those are Peptid and 3 types of Oligosaccharides bacteria that are beneficial for the baby’s immature digestive system, no allergies, no side effects.

Morinaga E-Akachan Milk

Morinaga E-Akachan Milk

3.5 Nan Pre Milk (Pre Nan)

Nan Milk is a well-known infant formula brand of Nestle Russia that everyone knows. Is Nan Nga milk good? This is called “vegetable milkBecause Nan Nga milk has a light taste, very cool, easy to absorb, easy to digest for healthy and comprehensive development of babies. And the price of Nan’s milk is also quite suitable for the mother’s pocket.

Nan Pre milk (Pre Nan milk) is a very good milk for premature and low birth weight babies. Whey protein formula helps support a healthy digestive system. Supplementing with MCT fat makes it easy for babies to absorb. DHA and ARA help support brain development.

In addition, with a reasonable ratio of minerals and vitamins: Calcium, iron, zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin D… will help your baby increase resistance, develop healthy to catch up with full-term babies.

Nan Pre milk for premature and low birth weight babies

Nan Pre milk for premature and low birth weight babies

3.6 Frisolac Gold Premature Milk

Is Friso milk good? Friso is the leading brand of cool milk in the Netherlands (this is similar to Nan Nga milk). Customers generally say that Friso milk is cool, easy to drink, easy to absorb, the baby gains weight evenly and effectively relieves constipation. In addition, the price of Friso milk is also much cheaper than the brands mentioned in this article.

Friso also has a line of milk products for premature and low birth weight babies, Frisolac Gold Premature. Specially formulated with high content Whey Protein and Casein Protein, partially hydrolyzed for easy digestion. And reduce the risk of allergy to cow’s milk protein.

Other ingredients include DHA, ARA, Iodine, Calcium, Vitamin D, Lactose, GOS, Inositol…help strengthen the immune system, protect the baby’s comprehensive development…But this milk is only used for a short time for babies from birth. 0-6 months old.

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Frisolac Gold Premature Milk

Frisolac Gold Premature Milk

3.7 Aptamil Profutura Pre

Aptamil is Nutricia’s infant formula brand that is popular in the UK, Germany and many countries around the world. And for Vietnamese mothers, this is also a prestigious milk brand that has been welcomed for many years. This British milk brand Aptamil also has a milk line for premature, low birth weight babies, Aptamil Profutura Pre.

Aptamil Profutura Pre has a formula similar to breast milk, with high protein, fat, etc. content. Especially, LCP ingredients include polyunsaturated fatty acids such as Omega 3, Omega 6 … extremely high content to help babies develop good brains. The perfect blend of FOS and GOS fibers prevents constipation and supports the immature digestive system of premature babies. However, the price of Aptamil Profutura Pre milk is also quite expensive.

Aptamil Pre Milk

Aptamil Pre . Milk

3.8 Enfalac Premature Formula

Enfalac is a brand of infant formula from the American brand Mead Johnson. With more than 70 products available in over 50 countries, the Mead Johnson brand is trusted by millions of parents and healthcare professionals around the world. The price of Enfalac milk is also quite reasonable.

Recipe Enfalac Premature Formula with Whey protein is specially formulated to meet the special nutritional needs of premature, preterm, and low birth weight babies. Other ingredients Choine, DHA, ARA, calcium, taurine, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1… support immunity, help babies grow healthy… Milk contains lactose, so it’s not suitable for babies with intolerances. Lactose.

Enfalac Premature Formula

Enfalac Premature Formula

3.9 Enfamil Milk Enfacare

This is also another Mead Johnson brand of milk for preterm, low birth weight babies. The point that makes mothers excited about the product Enfamil Enfacare milk There are 2 forms of powdered milk and ready-to-drink liquid formula with different volumes for mothers to choose from.

Nutrition in milk is rich with high content of Calories, Protein, and MTC fat. DHA and ARA blend to support brain and eye development. In addition, other ingredients calcium, zinc, iron, vitamins… also contribute to the healthy development of babies in the first year of life, to catch up with full-term babies.

Milk for premature babies

Enfamil Enfacare milk for premature and low birth weight babies

3.10 Pre Modilac Expert Milk

Modilac is a brand of infant formula milk of Sodilac company of Savencia SA group – France. The group ranks 2nd in France and 5th in the world in terms of milk and cheese production. With the origin and reputation of such a brand, can you rest assured to choose?

Milk Pre Modilac Expert is milk for premature and low birth weight infants with nutritional ingredients rich in protein, energy, DHA, ARA…. Has been certified by the Department of Food Safety and Hygiene of the Ministry of Health and rigorously tested at French hospitals. So it is extremely safe and suitable for premature and low birth weight babies. However, the price is also a bit expensive.

Milk for premature babies

Milk Pre Modilac Expert

4. Conclusion

Premature babies need special care, especially nutrition. This article hopes to have enough information for you to choose milk for premature babies, the best light weight, the most suitable!

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