TOP 7 sữa bột tốt nhất cho trẻ trên 1 tuổi được nhiều mẹ tin dùng


Over 1 year old is the period when children will grow rapidly, start to walk and need a large amount of nutrients to comfortably operate and explore the world around them. In addition to a scientific diet, mothers should also learn good milk powder to support children’s comprehensive physical and mental development. Let’s find out TOP 7 best powdered milk for children over 1 year old through the article below!

1. TOP 7 best milk for 1 year old baby and above, rich in nutrients to support baby’s development

Here are the 7 best formulas for babies 1 year and older:

1.1. Friso Gold 3 milk with balanced nutrition, easy to absorb

Friso Gold 3 is a good milk line for babies from 1 to 2 years old of FrieslandCampina Group (Netherlands) trusted by many mothers. The product is made from 100% milk imported from the Netherlands, with natural soft protein. In particular, thanks to the combination of LockNutri technology (one-time heat treatment), milk is preserved up to 90%, not degraded at high temperatures, making it easy for babies to digest and absorb nutrients.

And yet, Friso Gold 3 milk also “scores” with the special formula Synbiotics. This is a combination of Probiotics BB-12® & L.casei 431® and Prebiotics GOS & FOS to help increase beneficial bacteria, support a healthy digestive system.

Besides, Milk also provides many nutrients such as Zinc, Iron and Nucleotide, Vitamin D, Selenium, DHA, Taurine, Calcium to help strengthen natural resistance, improve children’s physical and mental well-being.

Reference price: Friso Gold 3 is priced at 268,800 VND / 380g box, 435,000 VND / 850g box, 695,000 VND / 1.4kg box and 880,000 VND / 2kg paper box.

milk for children over 1 year old

Friso Gold 3 is a milk line that is used by many mothers choose for your baby to love

1.2. Friso Gold Pro 3 milk helps babies with good digestion and strong resistance

Friso Gold Pro 3 is the next product of FrieslandCampina Group (Netherlands) to be in the top of good milk for children 1 year old and older. This is good milk for babies from 1-3 years old, 100% imported from Europe.

The product possesses a unique improved formula, adding HMO (2′-FL) and PureGOS fiber to help strengthen the child’s resistance and digestive system. With the support of natural small soft protein structure from high quality NOVAS milk, Friso Gold Pro 3 provides a good resistance and healthy digestive system, so that children develop smoothly.

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Besides, Friso Gold Pro 3 also contains many other essential nutrients such as vitamins (A, C, E), minerals Selenium, Zinc, Nucleotites, DHA, AA to help children develop intelligence – nerves, Bright eyes,…

Reference price: Friso Gold Pro 3 is priced at 657,400 VND/box of 800g.

What is the best milk for a 1-year-old baby?

Friso Gold Pro 3 has a light, easy-to-drink taste, does not contain sucrose, prevents tooth decay and obesity in children

1.3. Milk for children 1 year and older Humana Gold 3

Humana Gold 3 is the best milk for children 1-9 years old, made in Germany and very popular in the European market. Humana Gold 3 milk has a nutritional content suitable for the baby’s immature digestive system. Protein sources are reasonably supplemented, easily absorbed and do not cause conditions such as constipation and bloating.

Not only that, with the content of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCPUFA), ARA, Omega 3, Omega 6, DHA, Choline, Taurine, Inositol, Iron, Zinc, Iodine, vitamin A… Humana Gold 3 also helps Brain and nerve development for babies.

Reference price: Humana Gold 3 milk is priced at 309,000 VND/350g box and 598,000 VND/800g box.

Top best milk for 1 year old baby

Humana Gold 3 is known as the series good milk powder for children over 1 year old when there is a unique, balanced nutritional formula

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1.4. Royal Australian Milk Royal Ausnz No. 3

What is the best milk for a 1-year-old baby? Royal Australian Milk Royal Ausnz No. 3 is a milk product for children from 1-3 years old of the Royal AUSNZ brand that mothers should not ignore.

The product contains abundant DHA content to help perfect brain function, increase IQ, thereby improving memory function and cognitive intelligence for children. FOS fiber helps babies digest well, absorb nutrients easily, soften stools and reduce symptoms of constipation in children.

In particular, Royal Australian Milk Royal Ausnz No. 3 ensures good quality and health safety for babies thanks to its ingredients. Contains no preservatives, colorants or genetically modified ingredients. Products with delicious taste, light bar are suitable for babies to get used to when transitioning from breast milk to formula.

Reference price: Royal Australian Milk Royal Ausnz No. 3 is priced at 660,000 VND/box of 900g.

Which milk is good for 1 year old baby?

Royal Australian Milk Royal Ausnz No. 3 ensures long-term development for babies thanks to pure natural nutrition

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1.5. PediaSure Milk Powder

PediaSure is a milk for children 1 – 10 years old of Abbott brand (USA), providing many good nutrients for the growth of children. Milk added Arginine and vitamin K2, besides Calcium, vitamin D to help bones grow longer and stronger. The fat system with MCT has the effect of releasing energy, increasing absorption for children to improve weight.

Moreover, dairy products also have Probiotics (beneficial microorganisms) and Prebiotics FOS, DHA, Choline, Taurine, 28 vitamins and minerals for easy digestion, increased resistance, brain development and stimulation. children eat well.

Reference price: PediaSure milk powder is priced at 320,100 VND/400g box, 685,850 VND/850g box and 1,158,300 VND/1.6kg box.

good milk for 1 year old baby

PediaSure milk has a delicious vanilla flavor, easy to drink, full of essential nutrients for children

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1.6. Enfagrow A+ Milk No. 3

Which milk is good for 1 year old baby? Enfagrow is the milk line of the famous Mead Johnson Nutrition brand today.

Dairy products for children from 1-3 years old with DHA + and MFGM Pro formula helps children develop sophisticated brains. Milk is also rich in DHA and ARA to support thinking and executive function, helping children to increase their ability to concentrate and judge quickly.

In addition, milk also provides PDX GOS fiber system to help healthy digestion, increase the immune system, limit infections, prevent constipation in children. Calcium, vitamin D, Phosphorus and Magnesium support to increase height and strong bones and teeth.

Reference price: Enfagrow A+ milk No. 3 is priced at 270,000 VND/box of 400g, 512,000 VND/box of 830g and 870g, 523,000 VND/box of 900g, 954,000 VND/box of 1.7kg, 961,000 VND/box of 1.8kg.

1 year old baby formula milk

Enfagrow A + 3 milk has a balanced nutritional system, meeting the needs of brain development in babies 1-3 years old.

1.7. Vinamilk Dielac Grow Plus Milk 1+

Dielac Grow Plus 1+ is a milk product from Vinamilk brand, for children from 1-2 years old. Colostrum ingredients contain many antibodies, HMO (2′-FL) and FOS fiber and Probiotics BB-12TM to help strengthen the baby’s immunity and digestive system.

Whey protein rich in Alpha-Lactalbumin adds essential amino acids, lysine, and fat to help enhance nutrient absorption for children to gain weight evenly. In addition, milk also contains substances such as DHA, Linoleic acid, Alpha-Linolenic acid, Taurine, vitamin D, Calcium to help develop brain and height growth.

Reference price: Dielac Grow Plus 1+ milk is priced at 350,503 VND/box of 850g and 544,136 VND/box of 1400g.

Which milk is good for 1 year old baby?

Dielac Grow Plus 1+ accelerates energy metabolism, stimulates children’s appetite

2. How to choose the best milk for 1-year-olds

Choosing infant formula for a 1-year-old baby, mothers need to pay attention to the following criteria:

Nutritional ingredients: Mothers should choose infant formula with ingredients similar to breast milk, which is nutritious and good for the baby’s health. In addition, milk needs to contain active ingredients that are good for the digestive system, immune system, brain, bones and teeth, etc. to support perfect body functions for healthy growth.

Light milk flavor, no sugar, almost like breast milk: Milk should contain lactose, a natural light bar similar to breast milk, making it easy for children to get used to drinking, and at the same time not suffering from tooth decay or obesity.

Trademark: Choose milk for children over 1 year old with big, reputable and long-standing brands. Mother should buy products at the website or genuine distribution stores to ensure the quality of milk, avoid buying fake and poor quality products.

3. Some frequently asked questions about milk for 1 year old baby

Answer a few questions of mothers about formula milk for 1-year-old babies:

Amount of milk for babies over 1 year old?

Children over 1 year old should drink 2-3 glasses of milk/day (460 – 700ml), as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. With pre-mixed canned milk, mothers should only give babies 2-3 cans/day, drinking too much milk can make babies constipated.

Should you regularly change formula for babies over 1 year old?

It is not recommended to change milk for babies over 1 year old often. Because each type of baby milk will need time to adapt and stabilize the intestinal microbial environment. If milk is changed continuously, the intestinal microflora will also change, making it difficult for the baby to digest and absorb nutrients.

milk powder for 1 year old baby

Do not change milk continuously, to avoid affecting the digestive health of children

How long can I use it after opening the box of powdered milk? Can it be refrigerated?

General, milk for babies over 1 year old It is recommended that once the box is opened, it should be used up within 30 days. At the same time, formula milk should not be stored in the refrigerator, because powdered milk is dried, if stored in the cold, then brought out into the air, it is very easy to get moldy. Mothers should only store the product in a cool, dry place, especially away from direct sunlight.

Should buy milk powder for 1 year old baby Domestic or imported is better?

Foreign milk is milk imported from countries such as the US, UK, Australia, France, Japan, Korea… and domestic milk is understood to be produced by Vietnam.

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Mothers need to know that whether domestic milk or foreign milk also needs to be suitable for the body and nutritional needs of the baby. That must be the kind easy-to-drink milk, suitable for taste, has nutritional ingredients to help the baby’s brain development, does not cause reactions such as vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea or constipation. It is important that the product must have quality assurance, clear origin to ensure the safety and health of children.

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How to recognize fake milk, poor quality milk?

Fake milk powder usually has the following characteristics:

  • Observe the outside of the milk carton: The text printed on the package is often blurred; images and many other details are not sharp; expiry signs erased, erased, overprinted.
  • Check the milk powder inside: Fake milk powder is usually burnt yellow, lumpy, large and not smooth. When brewing will dissolve slowly in water and There is sediment on the bottom of the glass or jar.

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The above article has suggested TOP 7 best powdered milk for children over 1 year old for mother’s reference. Dairy products are currently being sold very popularly, it is not too difficult for mothers to choose to buy a suitable product for their baby. However, mothers should buy milk at reputable addresses such as shops selling things for mothers and babies, commercial centers, supermarkets, etc. to ensure genuine, quality and safe products to use.

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