TOP 9 sữa bột cho bé 3 tuổi trở lên dễ uống, đáng mua nhất hiện nay


If you are looking for milk for a 3-year-old baby, then do not miss the 9 suggestions below!

Entering the stage of 3 years old, children need a lot of energy to develop physically and intellectually, as well as enough strength to explore interesting things from the world around them. At this time, in addition to building a diet with a variety of beneficial food groups, the addition of infant formula for 3-year-olds is also necessary to support children’s growth every day. So what milk should a 3-year-old baby drink? Find out now!

1. How has the demand for milk of 3-year-old children changed?

From the 3-year-old milestone onwards, mothers should choose milk with a complete and balanced nutrition system, suitable for the development at this stage of the child.

Regarding the amount of milk to drink per day, it is recommended that children from 2 to 3 years old drink about 200-300ml of milk. Parents should also consider choosing milk for their children that is suitable for their child’s condition and should only drink in moderation. Because if you drink too much milk, your baby will easily become obese, and when you don’t get enough milk, it can lead to malnutrition, lack of nutrients and unbalanced growth. So, what milk should a 3-year-old child drink?

  • The baby is growing normally and has enough weight: Choose unsweetened milk to reduce the amount of quickly absorbed sugar in your child’s diet.
  • Baby is overweight: For overweight and obese children, partially or fully skim milk should be used.
  • The baby is in a state of malnutrition: Milk should be given to children at many snacks, combined with specialized milk for low-birth-weight children as prescribed by the doctor.

3 year old baby milk powder

Children from 3 years old need to supplement with many nutrients for rapid physical and cognitive development

2. Is it best for 3-year-old children to drink powdered milk or fresh milk?

Giving your baby fresh milk or powdered milk is better than worrying about many parents. To find out the answer, let’s explore the advantages of these two types of milk!

2.1. Fresh milk

Nutritional ingredients: Milk is obtained from cows, goats, sheep… Milk is pasteurized by modern technology but still retains basic nutritional components such as vitamins A, B2, B12, D, protein, and minerals. magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, …


  • The natural milk source should be suitable for the baby’s digestive system.
  • Fresh milk contains a lot of calcium which is good for the growth of the baby’s height.
  • Packaged in a box and bag, convenient to carry at any time.
  • Fresh milk can be stored in the refrigerator and served cold.
  • The price is cheaper than powdered milk.
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  • In raw milk there is very little iron, not enough immune system for children.
  • Fresh milk has a fixed nutritional content, not divided by age and physical condition such as obesity, malnutrition or allergy to cow’s milk …
  • Short shelf life: From 3-6 months with pasteurized fresh milk and 7-10 days with pasteurized fresh milk.

2.2. Milk powder

Nutritional ingredients: Derived from raw milk, but heat-treated to create powdered milk. This type of milk has ingredients that are adjusted to suit the nutritional needs of young children at each different stage.


  • There are many different milk lines suitable for each age, different needs such as weight gain, height increase, health promotion for children.
  • Rich nutritional content, full complement of essential nutrients important for children.
  • Supplement many minerals DHA, iron, omega-3 … to support the baby’s comprehensive development
  • Shelf life is longer than fresh milk, usually powdered milk can be preserved for 2-3 years.


  • The process of preparing milk must follow the dosage and steps of the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The price of milk for a 3-year-old baby is higher than that of fresh milk.

Thus, it is difficult to confirm that fresh milk or powdered milk is better for babies because each type has its own advantages and different supporting uses. Therefore, parents should consider according to the child’s condition, interests and age to decide on the most suitable type for the child.

milk for 3 year olds

Choosing the most suitable milk for children is always a concern of every family

3. What milk should 3-year-olds drink? TOP 9 most trusted milk for 3-year-old babies

3.1 Friso Gold 3 year old baby formula 4

The first suggestion in the list of the best 3-year-old milk is Friso Gold 4. This is a product of the FriesLandCampina Group, the leading dairy brand in the Netherlands.

Friso Gold 4 with 100% milk imported from the Netherlands. This is a premium milk line with a soft, small protein structure created from purebred Holstein-Friesian cattle – the best dairy breed in the world. When combined with LockNutri technology, heat treatment once, preserving up to 90% of natural nutrients, making it easier for babies to digest and absorb.

Besides, Friso Gold 4 also provides a full range of essential nutrients for children’s development needs such as prebiotics, probiotics, DHA, nucleotides, Vitamin D and Selenium. The product also adds GOS soluble fiber, which improves gut health and supports better mineral absorption.

Reference price:

  • The 380g box is priced at about 235,000 VND.
  • The 800g box costs about 509,000 VND.
  • Box of 1400g has a selling price of about VND 772,000

milk for 3 year old baby

Friso Gold milk with NOVAS milk source helps children digest well, activates the potential for comprehensive physical and brain development.

3.2 Milk for children 3 years and older Friso Gold Pro Phase 4 supports healthy digestion, good resistance

One more powdered milk product for babies 3 years and older from FriesLandCampina Group is Friso Gold Pro 4 which is 100% imported directly from Europe.

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In addition to the quality NOVAS milk in Friso milk lines, Friso Gold Pro 4 is also supplemented with precious nutrients HMO to support resistance from the first years of life. Along with that is PureGOS fiber for easy digestion. Not only that, milk ingredients also provide more vitamins A, C, E and minerals such as selenium, zinc, DHA … to support the nervous system, brain and help the baby develop comprehensively.

Friso Gold Pro 4 milk has a natural light taste thanks to the complete elimination of sucrose and flavoring, fully meeting the daily nutritional needs of babies. Milk helps children have a balanced nutritional system, supports the digestive system and increases resistance.

Reference price: The 800g box is priced at about 625,500 VND

What milk should a 3 year old baby drink?

Friso Gold Pro 4 natural light bar, supplemented with HMO and GOS fiber to support digestion and baby’s resistance

3.3 Milk for babies over 3 years old Royal Australian Royal Ausnz Kids Formula

Royal Ausnz Kids Formula is a line of milk powder to increase height for babies in the golden period from 3-18 years old. This product is the Australian royal milk line from the Royal Ausnz brand and is specifically designed to support height growth.

Kid Formula is specially formulated with 20 essential vitamins and minerals such as:

  • Nucleotide, DHA and AA, Niacin, Phosphorus, Chloride help children grow well in height and weight, and develop healthy.
  • FOS fiber helps improve digestive system activity.
  • Antioxidant Lutein and Biberry are essential for the development of vision.
  • Phosphatidylserine supports the protection of children’s visual and brain development.

Reference price: The 900g box is priced at about 640,000 VND

3.4 Milk for 3-year-old Meiji Growing up Formula Ezcube

One of the Japanese formula milk lines that is most trusted by mothers today is Meiji Growing up Formula Ezcube. Belonging to Meiji Group, the 3-year-old Meiji Growing up milk line is produced on technology and techniques that meet quality and safety standards, and does not contain chemicals.

Meiji milk is a nutritional source that provides a full range of nutrients with a balanced ratio and content to help babies grow taller, healthier and smarter and suitable for each stage of development. In particular, milk is supplemented with DHA, micronutrients such as iron, zinc, Omega 3, Omega 6 to help babies develop brains, absorb and think better.

Reference price: 800g box is priced at about 459,000 VND

What milk should a 3-year-old child drink?

Meiji milk supplemented with DHA and Omega 3 helps babies develop better brain and thinking.

3.5 Vinamilk milk powder for 3 years old baby Dielac Alpha Gold 4

Dielac Alpha Gold 4 is a nutritional product for children from 2 to 6 years old from Vinamilk brand. The milk line has successfully applied Lutein from the research of DSM nutrition group – Switzerland, meeting the specific nutritional needs of Vietnamese children to help promote brain and physical development of children.

Dielac Alpha Gold 4 with COMPLET-IQ formula, supplemented with 24-hour colostrum imported from the US to support resistance enhancement. This formula also helps to improve digestive system health. Not only that, Dielac Alpha Gold 4 milk also adds 3 times more DHA to help children be intelligent and provide all the necessary nutrients to help children gain weight and develop height.

Reference price: 800g box is priced at about 459,000 VND

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3.6 Abbott Grow 4 . 3-year-old milk

Abbott Grow 4 milk powder is a product from the American brand Abbott. Products with G-Power nutrient system, protein and 9 amino acids necessary for the development of babies from 3 to 6 years old.

Not only that, Abbott Grow 4 3-year-old baby formula also contains DHA to help develop brain structure and bright eyes. Prebiotic fiber supports the digestive system, reduces the risk of constipation, Vitamin A, zinc, selenium … supports improving the body’s resistance to help children grow up fast and healthy.

Reference price:

  • The 900g box costs about 327,000 VND
  • The 1.7Kg box is priced at about 570,000 VND

Suggest milk for 3 year old baby

Abbott Grow Milk supports to improve the body’s resistance to help children grow up fast and healthy.

3.7 Milk for children over 3 years old Hipp 4 Combiotic

Hipp 4 Combiotic is a line of milk for babies from 3 years old and up from the German brand Hipp. Products are manufactured from ultra-clean materials that meet European BIO-Organic standards with a very rigorous testing process.

The outstanding advantage of Hipp 4 Combiotic milk is its high protein content, while providing enough energy and Omega-3 fatty acids necessary for the growth of children. In addition, the product is supplemented with Lactic bacteria and Prebiotic fibers (GOS) to help enhance the activity of intestinal microflora. In particular, Hipp milk has smooth milk particles, no lumps, no impurities and has a light aroma, making it easier for babies to receive milk.

Reference price: The 800g box is priced at about 615,000 VND

3.8 HIUP milk powder to increase height for children from 3 years old

HIUP 3-year-old milk is a product supplemented with calcium, minerals and vitamins to help children grow taller. Products are manufactured in Vietnam on modern lines and technology that meet the US FDA standards.

HIUP milk with a trio of Calcium, vitamin D2, vitamin K2 helps children develop outstanding height. In addition, the active ingredient Aquamin F combined with colostrum, sachi seeds and more than 17 essential vitamins and minerals helps to grow well in height for children and prevent rickets.

Reference price: The 650g box is priced at about 890,000 VND

milk for babies over 3 years old

HIUP milk supports optimal height development for children, reducing the risk of short stature and rickets

3.9 Milk for 3-year-olds Nutifood Nuvi Grow 4

The last suggestion in the list of TOP 9 types of milk for babies over 3 years old is Nuvi Grow 4 under the Nutifood brand. Nuvi Grow is a special nutritional formula Nuvi Power from the Swedish Nutifood Nutrition Research Institute – NNRIS to help activate and develop the optimal height for Vietnamese children.

Nuvi Grow Milk contains a trio of nutrients Calcium, Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3 to help absorb calcium well, stronger bones to optimize the child’s potential for height development. The product is also supplemented with HMO imported from Europe and micronutrients such as iron, zinc … to help increase resistance, and DHA content to help children’s brain development.

Reference price: The 900g box costs about 306,000 VND

Above are some suggestions for nutritious 3-year-old baby milk powder for healthy baby, good physical and intellectual development. Hope this information will help you choose the best milk for your baby.

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