Viên uống lợi sữa có hiệu quả không? Viên uống nào lợi sữa tốt nhất?


Currently, to solve the problem of lack of milk, many mothers choose to use it without milk milk benefit pills. In fact, is this pill good for mothers after giving birth, can they bring back milk? Please refer to the article below for the answer!


1. What is a milk pill? Should mothers after giving birth use it?

This is a product to help mothers increase milk production while increasing milk quality, milk is thicker, thicker and more fragrant, adding nutrients to breast milk for better absorption by babies.

People often think that only mothers who lack milk, do not have enough milk for their babies to need to use this product. However, as I have shared, lactation tablets also increase milk quality, so even when the milk comes in, , mothers should also use oral tablets to improve milk quality.

milk benefit pills

2. Criteria for choosing a pill to benefit mothers after giving birth

In order for these pills to promote their full effect to ensure safety for mothers and babies, when choosing to buy breast milk products, it is necessary to pay attention to the following issues:

2.1. Prioritize choosing products with natural extracts

Mothers should choose oral tablets with such natural extracts that will be safer. Milk-friendly nuggets and milk-boosting drugs have only temporary effects. Long-term use will cause side effects.

2.2. Product manufacturer and distributor

To ensure quality products, please choose reputable distribution addresses with full business licenses. Currently, on the market, products of poor quality, without inspection and certification by the Ministry of Health, are rampant. If unfortunately using such products will affect both mother and baby. It is best to choose only those pills that have been tested by the Ministry of Health or distributed by reputable establishments and pharmacies.

2.3. Used correctly

Before using, mothers should consult a doctor to avoid allergic reactions to certain ingredients in the drug. In addition, the mother only uses the correct dose indicated, not abused to avoid causing adverse effects.

In addition, if the mother has little milk, mild milk blockage, and complete loss of milk, taking milk-promoting drugs will not cause any harm. But if the mother has a serious blocked milk duct, she should not use it herself, which can make the situation more dangerous. Please see a doctor first, to find out the cause and have the most reasonable solution.

3. Points mothers should know before using lactation tablets

3.1. Side effects

Western medicine has many harmful side effects for the mother such as stress, risk of depression, insomnia, etc. If the mother has a severe blocked milk duct, still trying to use it will make the infection and blocked milk duct worse.

3.2. Dangers of using products of unknown origin

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Many mothers want to be cheap, choosing products that are floating on the market of unclear origin. Products that are not tested according to the standards of the Ministry of Health can have serious consequences:

  • Mother can lose milk completely
  • Milk contains many harmful substances and toxins that affect the health of mother and baby
  • Causes side effects to the mother’s muscle, nervous system, and digestive system if the dose is not properly studied and tested.

So when deciding to use a pill to stimulate breast milk, remember the criteria I noted in part 2!


Moc Tien Milk Loi

Moc Tien Milk Loi is a functional food that has the effect of stimulating milk and treating milk loss. This product is produced through rigorous research and testing by leading doctors and professors at the Institute of Traditional Medicine.

milk benefit pills


– Ingredient:

  • Dang ginseng: tonic, tonic blood and strengthens the mother’s resistance
  • He Shou Wu: tonic blood, stimulates metabolism, laxative, detoxifies and anti-inflammatory.
  • Yang Gui: enhances blood circulation, nourishes blood and relieves pain.
  • Bach Linh: stimulates milk, unblocks milk ducts, improves milk quality
  • Cross-frame: relieve pain and fatigue
  • White magic: sedative, help mom sleep better, reduce stress
  • Licorice: cooling liver, laxative
  • Bach dahlia: purify the body, cool the liver, diuretic

– Feelings after using:

+ Advantages

  • After a course of about 10 days, the milk comes back quickly and evenly, more stable
  • Milk quality is better than thick and fragrant milk
  • Safe ingredients, products of clear origin, researched by doctors of the Institute of Traditional Medicine, and licensed by the Ministry of Health.
  • The taste of wood fairy is also easy to drink, but it is convenient to just pour it out and then mix it with warm water, but it’s not like the high, white tea leaves.

+ Disadvantages: The effect depends a lot on the mother’s body.

– The price is quite high, about 689,000 VND / course of 2 boxes

You can see a detailed review of Moc Tien dairy products here!

Mabio lactation tablets

This is a product manufactured by USAPHA Pharmaceutical Company Limited and distributed by Tue Minh Technology Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company. Mabio tablet factory meets WHO standards with modern technological lines, 100% natural and carefully selected raw materials.

milk pills


– Ingredients: white tea, high efficiency model, high incense, high bay, white sea animal, starch, lactose and magnesium stearate. These ingredients are all good substances for the mother’s body, helping her to call milk back faster.

– Feelings when using:

+ Advantages:

  • Support mothers to recover after giving birth
  • Ingredients 100% natural extracts, safe for mother and baby
  • The product is also certified by the Ministry of Health to be declared in compliance with food safety regulations under the registration number: 22862/2017/ATTP-XNCB.

+ Cons: The effect of bringing back milk depends on the location of each mother. Most mothers use it for about 20 days, then the milk comes back massively. In addition to drinking Mabio, mothers should also drink a lot of water, drink more milk or cereal to increase the quality of milk1

– PRICE: 350,000- 400,000 VND

I also have a very detailed review about Mabio milk pills here. Everyone can go there for a closer look!

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Fenugreek Natures Aid for milk benefits

This is a product of the brand Natures Aid, from the US. Tablets are packaged in glass boxes, each box contains 90 tablets.

milk benefit pills


– Ingredients: The main ingredient of the product is fenugreek seed extract. This is an herb that is widely grown in North Africa, the Middle East, Egypt and India. According to medicine, this herb has the effect of stimulating milk, promoting milk very quickly with results after only 3 days of use.

– Feelings when using:

+ Advantages:

  • 100% extracted from fenugreek that has been carefully checked for quality, no harmful ingredients, mothers can use it with peace of mind.
  • The production process is closed, ensuring safety standards.
  • 100% natural flavors and colors
  • The product does not contain sugar, salt, artificial colors and artificial flavors that cause no side effects during use
  • Has many uses: In addition to stimulating milk, this product also aids digestion, treats sinus leaks, pulmonary congestion. In particular, the product also helps mothers increase breast size, improve female physiological situation, stimulate vaginal lubrication, improve blood circulation, and stimulate sex.

– Price: 213,000 VND

Benefits Model Benefits

When it comes to breast milk pills, you cannot ignore Ich Mau Loi Nhi. The product is manufactured by International Medical Consulting Co., Ltd. (IMC) – XNCB.

milk pills


– Ingredient:

  • Thien Mon Beam (Shatavari) helps increase Prolactin hormone 3.5 times to help increase milk quality, breast milk arrives faster.
  • Hoai Son has the effect of suing the spleen and stomach, which will help the mother eat better, sleep better, and have ruddy skin.
  • Diep Ha Chau, Hoai Son help the mother’s body to increase absorption, increase the metabolism of nutrients into breast milk, make breast milk thicker, more fragrant, and the baby will gain weight.

– Feelings when using:

  • The effect after using the product is usually as follows;
    • From 5-7 days: breasts are full, feeling milk is coming, mother’s breasts begin to secrete milk, milk is thicker and thicker
    • From 10-15 days: more milk, fragrant and comparable.
    • After 30 days: The mother’s breasts always have milk for the baby to be full, so the amount of milk is stable.

– How to use: Only need to take 2 tablets per day (1 tablet before dinner and 1 tablet before going to bed).

– Price: 235k / 1 box of 20 tablets

Bonyu Power Plus – Pigeon’s nutrient-boosting pill

Pigeon is a very famous Japanese brand with specialized products for mothers and babies, so you can go back to the origin and origin of the product!

milk pills


– Ingredients: contains 10 types of vitamins, fiber, and good iron, calcium and folic acid content for the mother’s body. When a mother uses this product, the nutrients will be passed on to her baby through breast milk.

– Usage:

  • Supplement enough folic acid, iron, calcium … to ensure enough nutrition for the baby, helping the mother not to eat too much.
  • Helps mothers avoid constipation due to having to eat a lot of hot food to stimulate milk.
  • Iron pyrophosphate supplement is derived from plants, does not cause constipation.
  • Supplement Vitamin D and A necessary for children.

– How to use; 3 tablets / day / 2 times

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– Price: 220k / bag of 220 tablets

Genuine American Fenugreek Seed Tablets

This is a product of the brand Nature’s Way from the US. The oral tablet does not contain allergens and is extracted from natural herbs, so it will not cause side effects to mother and baby if you use it correctly.

milk pills


– Ingredients: extracted from fenugreek has a good support for breast milk

– Feeling when using

  • Safe ingredients, 100% natural extracts, no allergens, no side effects during use
  • The effect of pulling milk on quickly after only a few days of use. Besides, Fenugreek Seed pills also improve the quality of breast milk, milk is more fragrant and rich, and the baby eats more deliciously.

Affordable price only 289k / 1 box / 180 tablets.

– Disadvantages: The Vietnamese market does not have many distribution facilities, so it is difficult to buy genuine goods, easy to buy fake goods. So before you buy, you can check if the product is genuine by using code check software to check the barcode.

Herbs of Gold Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding Support is a very reputable brand in Australia. Breastfeeding Support’s products are sold in many pharmacies in Australia.

milk pills


– The main ingredients of the product are 100% natural herbal extracts, mainly fenugreek and star fruit.

  • Fenugreek seeds are seeds of the legume family, containing 1 type of mulberry that has the function of stimulating the body to produce milk, 9 times more than normal.
  • Milk star fruit is recommended by many experts for postpartum mothers to stimulate milk secretion.
  • These two ingredients have the effect of stimulating the milk glands, calling milk to the mother, helping the mother to have an abundant and quality milk supply.
  • In addition, in the Ingredients, there are no eggs, milk, peanuts, corn, soy, animal extracts, gluten, colorants, flavors or preservatives, so it is very safe for mom and baby!

– Feelings after using:

+ Advantages:

  • Support to stimulate breast milk both in quantity and quality
  • Natural ingredients, safe for mother and baby
  • Prestigious brand famous in major drugstore chains in Australia.

+ Disadvantages: the price is quite high, buying genuine goods in Vietnam is difficult.

– How to use; Take 2 times a day, 1 capsule each time with meals.

– Price: 400k/box/60 tablets

Bluenxy Mama

This product is researched, produced and distributed by Southern Mediplantex Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company in conjunction with Ha Tinh Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company.

milk pills

– Ingredient:

  • High tea: cure insomnia, stimulate digestion, help mothers eat better, and at the same time increase metabolism, reduce open volume, reduce weight gain and prevent constipation
  • Panax ginseng: blood circulation, menstrual regulation, treatment of mastitis, milk benefits, improvement of milk quality.

– Outstanding features of the product;

  • Increase milk secretion, reduce blocked milk glands, support the treatment of mastitis for women after giving birth.
  • Clear heat, detoxify, activate blood stasis, clear blood, regulate menstruation.
  • Limit aging, increase the body’s immunity, stimulate digestion, restore health

– Price: 135k/box/60 tablets

– How to use: 3 times a day, 1 time 2 tablets, drink after eating. Drink at least 3 liters of water a day

Above are the milk benefits and the notes when using this product effectively. Hope the information is useful to you!

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